Three Ways and Presence: Two Visions of Landscape


Three Ways and Presence: Two Visions of Landscape

Opening Night

Saturday 1 April 2017

2:00PM - 4:00PM

Join us at 2.00pm on Saturday 1 April for the opening of our exhibitions Three Ways and Presence: Two Visions of Landscape by Exhibition Curator, Peter Haynes

Three Ways showcases the recent work of three artists whose aesthetic explorations are concerned with the Australian landscape in which they live and work. The Three Ways of the title refers not only to the aesthetic and conceptual approaches of the artists but also to the various means to choose to visualise their imaginative creations: Bot is a printmaker, painter and sculptor: Buchanan is a painter, printmaker and drawer and McIntyre is a ceramicist.

Presence: Two Visions of Landscape showcases Ros Auld (ceramics) and Claire Primrose (painting) who are both concerned with expressing an authentic connection with their natural world. Auld's works aims to express both the strength and fragility of nature using materials from the earth, with interplay between monumental forms and delicate surfaces. Primrose's work is inspired and informed by many different locations within the Australian landscape with an interest in recreating the surfaces, textures and colours evocative of a particular place.

This exhibition of individual and collaborative works brings together two artists who share a similar sense of expressive gestural qualities in their work.

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