Panel chat: Jenny Bell, Phoebe Cowdery and Martin Royds


Panel chat: Jenny Bell, Phoebe Cowdery and Martin Royds


Friday 21 July 2023

12:00PM - 1:00PM


To celebrate Jenny Bell's solo exhibition 'Life Forms', we're delving further into the concepts of environmental sustainability, holistic farming practices, and creative approaches to regenerative interactions with the natural world.

Joining regenerative farmer and artist Jenny Bell on the panel is Martin Royds and Phoebe Cowdery. Royds' management of the grazing property Jillamatong in Braidwood provides an in-depth case study into holistic agricultural management techniques that improved water quality, soil nutrients, and restored erosion with significant reduction in costs and increased productivity.

As creative director of the Corridor Project, Phoebe Cowdery convenes the Orange Cowra Cabonne Science Hub, delivering creative projects between artists and scientists in the Central West of NSW, with the fusion between science knowledge and creative delivery connecting regional audiences in unexpected ways.

We can't wait to be taken down the thought paths of these creative and innovative individuals. If you are passionate or curious about the environment, sustainability, creative arts and everything in between, this is the program for you!

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