Mike Baker Organ Trio goes Deep Revolt


Mike Baker Organ Trio goes Deep Revolt


Friday 11 May 2018

8:00PM - 12:00AM

The opening of Arlo Mountford's survey exhibition, Deep Revolt, will be followed by a curated performance at the Goulburn Club where The Mike Baker Organ Trio will perform an interpretive set based on Mountford's work...think Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith and Woody Guthrie among other legends. Deep Revolt is a mid career survey of Mountford's work curated by Director, Gina Mobayed. Mountford is a prolific artist whose large scale video installations, sculpture and animations take a wry look at the artistic canon through the lens of the contemporary. This exhibition brings together animated films, kinetic sculpture and drawings that take us on a jaunt through iconic museums, masterpieces and movements across centuries and showcase Mountford's mastery of animation over time. Laden with references from art history and pop culture, Mountford plays with our ideas of the linear and familiar - his works are a fascinating, funny and unforgiving experience.
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