Gallery 2 Lemon chats


Gallery 2 Lemon chats


Friday 12 June 2020

11:00AM - 11:30AM


Join us live on Instagram for chats with Hannah Gee and Hannah Cotton as they speak to Creepy Little Lemon Kids’ exhibition ‘You forgot that spaghettis can swim’ in Gallery 2.

Local dancer Hannah Cotton has a passion for chickens, queerness, and the performing arts. Working extensively on productions with the Lieder Theatre, Cotton shares her perspective on the importance of creative opportunities for Goulburn’s queer identifying youth.

Playing an integral role in the Gallery’s workshops for LGBTQAI+ youth with Sidney McMahon, Program and Exhibitions Coordinator Hannah Gee and Hannah Cotton give us their take on what it was like to work with McMahon and the rest of Creepy Little Lemon Kids over the workshop series. A special exhibition with inclusivity, creativity and joy at its core, ‘You forgot spaghettis can swim’ is a testament to teamwork and the next generation of artists.

Tune in at 11am to get amongst the live comments. Remember to be nice, and be generous with the lemon emojis. 

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