Experimental Drawing with Claire Primrose


Experimental Drawing with Claire Primrose


Saturday 21 April 2018

10:00AM - 4:00PM


Claire Primrose was awarded the Goulburn Art Award in 2016. She has exhibited at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery two times in 2017; in the show Presence: Two Visions of Landscape curated by Peter Haynes and a solo exhibition in November Assembled Landscapes. Primrose was a finalist in the Kedumba Drawing Award at Orange Regional Gallery and a finalist in the Fishers Ghost Art Award in 2017. She has exhibited across Australia for two decades and is represented by Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney. Primrose explores and tests the possibilities of alchemizing the landscape into the depths of her paintings and drawings. Her practice is heavily influenced by the surfaces, textures and colours that are so particular to the places she travels to and is inspired by. These elements of the landscape are collected and layered into her work both physically and metaphorically.

With a focus on experimental creativity, students will be encouraged to initiate both traditional and non-traditional methods of drawing under Claire’s careful guidance. Exercises such as drawing with eyes shut and drawing with the opposite hand will be encouraged, to achieve a style that is loose, free and gestural. These classes are perfect for beginners and also for more experienced artists who would like to experiment with new techniques.

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