Exhibition Opening: 'Soft Power', Clementine Belle McIntosh and Pauline Mullen


Exhibition Opening: 'Soft Power', Clementine Belle McIntosh and Pauline Mullen

Opening Night

Friday 31 March 2023

6:00PM - 8:00PM


Join us in the Gallery Friday 31 March for the opening of our three new exhibitions!

Soft Power explores the diverse ways Australian artists use textiles to investigate social, cultural and political issues of our time. The exhibition presents the works of six Australian artists who each embrace textiles in order to send a message. These works interrogate a range of themes including environmentalism, feminism and power.

This exhibition celebrates textiles as a powerful medium which holds memory, with many artists incorporating materials that have close connections to their lived experience. These works have an embedded intimacy, embodied with time, care, skill and labour and constructed from elements collected, recycled, worn and transformed. Embracing a variety of techniques including knitting, assemblage and embroidery, Soft Power features bold works enmeshed with history and meaning.

Exhibiting in Gallery 2, is regional artist Clementine Belle McIntosh with a new exhibition titled Inland. Observing the removal and recontextualization of place-based material histories within commercialized spaces, McIntosh presents a body of work featuring textiles and found objects. The Westernised notions of care, comfort and convenience are critiqued in the familiar household items of the clothesline, and textile objects. Inland is an extension of arts-based research into collaborative, circular and community based aesthetics in nonurban, agricultural sites. 

The latest iteration of The Window sees local artist Pauline Mullen curating works from the Gallery's permanent collection. Pauline Mullen has experience across photography, performance, and movement, and here channels her creative energy through pairing works that are bold, powerful and exuberant - not unlike the woman herself! We're excited to reveal her selection to you.

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