Exhibition Opening: 'Bright', Judith Reardon and 'The Window'


Exhibition Opening: 'Bright', Judith Reardon and 'The Window'

Opening Night

Friday 21 October 2022

6:00PM - 8:00PM


Join us at 6pm, Friday 21 October in the Gallery for the opening of our three new exhibitions!

Bright brings together a group of Australian artists who each explore colour and Abstraction in their practice. Taking inspiration from diverse sources including architecture, dance, design, nature and music, these artists’ works are bold and teeming with energy. The exhibition spans a range of forms, scale and materials, celebrating artists who challenge assumptions and expand possibilities.

Featuring pioneering and contemporary artists, with newly created pieces presented alongside key existing works, Bright shows the ongoing relevance of Abstraction as a visual language. At different moments, the exhibition exudes a sense of discovery, contemplation and optimism, engaging viewers in works which express the breadth of colour, line and movement.  

Representing works from Emma Beer, Vivienne Binns, Yvette Coppersmith, Lara Merrett, Gemma Smith, Esther Stewart and Margaret Worth, this exhibition is not to be missed!

Exhibiting in Gallery 2 is Illaroo-based artist Judith Reardon. Exploring her current focus on regeneration of ecosystems in response to bushfires, Reardon's solo exhibition An exotic world of fantastic weirdness presents the artist's practice of digital animation and video. This new work is an exploration of collaboration between the artist and the more-than-human world, prompting audiences to reflect on the state of the environment and encouraging a more sustainable connection with the natural world.

The young curators selecting works from our permanent collection for this iteration of The Window are none other than the students of Goulburn West Public School! Amongst the Gallery's keenest visitors and insightful art enthusiasts, we're always rejuvenated after a discussion with these students on creativity and interpretation. After an extensive consideration and debate, we can't wait to unveil their choices to you.

This event is free of charge and open to all. Bookings are essential.

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