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Phaedra, Amor fait #1, 2017. Digital photograph

Dimesnions variable


21 FEBRUARY - 14 APRIL 2018

Curatorial Statement:

A Photographer, designer and visual art practitioner with a lifelong affinity with the world around her, Phaedra passed away on 2 July 2017.

"Photography is a wonderful medium for capturing the way I see the world, and of communicating that to other people....I hope that my images inspire people to look closer at the world around them and to note that there is beauty in the most unexpected places".  Phaedra

Carefully creating compositional scenes that are both familiar and surprising, Phaedra offers us open yet intimate spaces where time is slowed.  Her images are intriguing sites and scaffolds where we can build narrative and mood through the process of looking.  There is often a sense of something just outside the frame; a deeper space, an implied human presence or absence enriched by the viewer's interpretation.

Without traditional subject, Phaedra's images disrupt conventions and expectations.  Her works are defined by meticulous composition and the interplay of geometric shapes.  Compelling images reconcile compositional concerns of colour, form, space and light with the human experience of being in and seeing the world.  Using a broad vocabulary of non-representational colour-scapes, human structures and artefacts, interior, exterior and the natural world, Phaedra presents us with images that, above all else, are beautiful and timeless.

See: Phaedra Photography, is a celebration of Phaedra's life and the act of seeing.  This exhibition comprises select works, largely curated by Phaedra during her lifetime.  Cataloguing of Phaedra's prolific photography is a work in progress.  Future exhibitions will encompass Phaedra's comprehensive body of work.

Curated by Christian Leah and Peta Thurling


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